Ron Wakkary


Ron Wakkary is a Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he established the Everyday Design Studio, a design research studio that explores interaction design. He is also a Design United Visiting Professor

William Odom


William Odom is an Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University. His research focuses on the increasing role of interactive technology in mediating a wide range of everyday practices and its often disruptive,

Sabrina Hauser


Sabrina is a PhD candidate looking at bridging Postphenomenology a strand of Philosophy of Technology with interaction design research and practice. She has also been working on interaction design research coupled with theories of practice, sustainability, everyday design, skateboarding, and guide dog teams. Besides

Xiao Zhang


Xiao Zhang earned a master’s degree in interaction design from Simon Fraser University. Her educational background is in industrial design. Before moving to Canada, she had participated in diverse industrial product design projects in China. The products include televisions, military

Henry Lin


I am a Master student at the School of Interactive Art and Technology at Simon Fraser University, working as part of the Interactive Design research center and associated Every Design Studio. My Master aims to explore the role of DIY

Doenja Oogjes


Doenja Oogjes is a PhD student whose research explores the design of digital domestic technologies using speculative design and integrating indirect ways technologies mediate our everyday. She holds a Bachelors and a Masters in Industrial Design from the Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Ce Zhong


Ce is a first-year Ph.D student specialising in interaction design in Everyday Design Studio. Before he comes to EDS, he studied industrial design engineering at Southwest Jiaotong University, China. In the past 8 years, Ce completed a number of design

Amy Chen


Amy Y. Chen is a PhD student working under the supervision of Prof. William Odom. With great interests in interaction design, she joined the Everyday Design Studio in August 2017. Her research focuses on the slow interaction design, temporality, and

Tal Amram


Tal is a PhD student with a background in industrial design; receiving his MSc in Design for Interaction at the Delft University of Technology. Interested in DIY, connected objects and the creative processes of amateur experts, Tal is looking into